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Eerste video release Katwijkse band Montany 

Bekijk de videoclip van het nummer ‘The Devil’s Stone’ van de Katwijkse Metal/Rock band Montany. Opgenomen in Scum.

Binnen via de mail (info@kattuk.nl)

We are proud to announce the release of the very first Montany video.
‘The Devil’s stone’ is a mid paced song with lots of melody and great riffs.
It captures the essence of Montany as a melodic and dynamic metal band with rock influences.

The song is a homage to Geeraard van Gent and the castle which was named after him.
The Devil’s stone holds all the beautiful elements of the castle while capturing the dark nature of Geeraard in its lyrics.

We are looking forward to releasing more videos from our upcoming EP “Perception of time”.


Written By: Ingezonden

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