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Close to Custom

Close to Custom, born about 29 years ago on the dune grounds of Katwijk. A place where there really was no scene for electronic music.

When he started making music, he wanted to go in a totally different direction. Soon he and his friends were attracted to house music. They wanted to make tasty, funky and especially danceable records. Full of passion Close to Custom made his first records on his equipment in 2010.

Soon followed trips to the Netherlands and abroad to be inspired by the scene there. After searching for clubs in London and Berlin, among other things, he knew for sure; this music, this experience and such an atmosphere. I also want to get that.

In 2014 came the great opportunity that Close to Custom and his friends Fyrone and Den Haas had to take. The local music venue was recently renovated and looked for new concepts to fill evenings. The men took the opportunity and started their own minimal-house concept, Reset.

Against all odds, the evening became a huge success. Secretly, the people really liked danceable minimal-house with old school roots. ‘Reset’ became a recurring phenomenon!

Large evenings were played in clubs in the region, with guest appearances by rising stars such as John Dimas, Malin Genie and Lazare Hoche. These experiences prove to be worth gold for the development of Close to Custom as both producer and performer.

In 2019 the guys decided to take it a bit easier with Reset. Perform a little less and take the time to develop yourself and thus become a better artist. Making great music, producing and sharing with each other again, because that’s really what it’s all about. The result came quickly, because all three men releasing their own work on established labels these days.

As a resident DJ and host of Reset, Close to Custom played at a numerous club nights, boat- and afterparties. Without doubt, these nights inspired him to fully focus on the future, and develop his own production which now resides into a rolling minimal house sound, mainly driven by fast rolling grooves, catchy hooks and deep bass sounds.

His energetic character bring some no-nonsense rhythm workout business to every dance floor.


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