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Company of Dreams

Ronald (guitars) and Deborah (vocals) started the band in 2014. Peter (drums), Ruth (bass) and Marc (guitars) joined them.

Together they played their first gigs at the FemMe battles 2017 and ended up in the finals at 3rd place. November 2017 Alissa came to sing the backing vocals.

Februari 2018 they recorded “Destination” at the Big Dog studio in Antwerp. The collaboration with Tim van Doorn was so good, that they decided to record their first EP in september 2018 with 5 more songs.

Ruth(bass) left the band in May 2019 and Amy joined the band to replace him. The voice of Deborah is stable, pure and recognizable. The voices of Deborah and Alissa sound marvellous together.

Peter drums tight and sounds like static- multiple sounds combined together.
And with the deep and dynamic bass sound of Amy, they are a stolid base.

Ronald and Marc play together ever since they were teenagers and they variate their solo’s and rhythm’s on a perfect way. Their typical sounds harmonize very good together. Marc has a real Gibson sound and Ronald can enchant you with only one note.

The self called EP “Company of Dreams” is lanced on 10 november 2018 at Dreamfest. This was the first edition of their own festival at Scum in Katwijk. It turned out to be a big success so this year they organize the “Second Edition of Dreamfest in november.


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