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Spectrum of Delusion

Technical Death Metal band Spectrum of Delusion from Katwijk, The Netherlands

Spectrum of Delusion is the 5-man Technical Death Metal band it is today since late 2015, consisting of Jeroen Mostert on Drums, Nathan Bonkerk and Frank van Rijswijk on guitar, Jerry Kamer on bass and Douwe Negenman on vocals. In august of 2017 they released the debut album Esoteric Entity worldwide, which was very well received by public and critics alike. Described as a combination of Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Posession and Suffocation by metalinjection.net amongst others, this band is a must-see for every death metal fan who loves technical music.

The band has bombarded a myriad of stages in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe together with Misery Index, Defiled, Hiss from the Moat, Cryptopsy, Irreversible Mechanism, Bloodshot Dawn and more, to promote their debut album. In the meanwhile work has started for the successor of Esoteric Entity, which will be an even tighter and heavier album.


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