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Vrijdag: Nieuwe EP Batwölf ‘Get Up, Get Out’

Coming Friday our EP Get Up, Get Out will be available for streaming on your regular streaming device.

Last autumn we recorded 22 songs at Big Dog Recordings. Four of those songs are in on this EP;
*Get Up Get Out
*Hey, Weirdo
*She’s On Fire

We’re planning to release a full length date on vinyl later this year and a little surprise in between we can’t announce yet. (Sorry for being mysterious)
We release this EP as a prelude, a tease, a bonus or a treat for your ears. Enjoy it!

We loved recording with Tim and how he took on the challenge to record 22 songs in five days. Tim (get in touch with him for recording your hitsingles)
We are excited and proud and can’t wait for releasing the full length!

Let’s get rocking!!



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