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Welcome to my world of music. Around 95’/96′ the passion for the hardcore sounds started to develop. As a little, eight year old boy, I got lots of opportunities to grab a CD, and listen to the – nowadays – early rave/hardcore sounds. These CD’s were full of musical delight, rousing tunes and nice beats.

As the years flew by and the passion continued to grow, I had a nice collection of CD’s (Thunderdome, Earthquake, Ravers Night etc.) at home and I realized: In the future I want to reach something with my dedicated passion for Hardcore! With this goal in mind, I started searching for the right opportunities.

Years passed in which the dream (due to some circumstances) seemed to drift further and further away. The scene changed regularly, but great faith and a growing fascination has brought me – in a rising line – to the right place. The moment was there, I was ready to grab this dream and go for it.

At the end of March 2009 I purchased a DJ set and started practicing with vinyl. Within several months it appeared the talent for realizing my dream was there. From that point on I practised with one thought: I want to do this for real! The first parties gave me such a bomb of adrenalin and the great feedback made me even more motivated!
After a period of practicing and several parties, I made the decision to go on with CD’s. Simply because of the time we live in and besides that, many clubs (in my region) just don’t have the right gear anymore for spinning with vinyl. Fortunately, there are occasions when the suitcases with vinyl can be pulled out for a nice unexpected birthday bash in the middle of the living room or a lovely clubhouse.

Meanwhile, some nice parties passed by and my network keeps on growing with great people (even outside my region). Every single time, when the crowd is going crazy on my performance, I am enjoying it with all of my heart. What is better than being a DJ, fully showing your passion, putting this into your performance, and see the crowd go insane!

With the future before me it is time for lots of new challenges. I am someone who immersed and developed myself in many styles and I love a great variety of music: going for the challenging combinations, where others are choosing for a safe performance!

N-ergetic is a name with substance! When I take my spot behind the tables make sure you are ready for it because then it’s on! From that point on, I live in the world where nothing can stop me from doing what I love with much passion. A performance where kicks crossing each other’s lines and the flipping faders are making you go crazy! Hardcore with a message, a goal and a powerful vision!

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