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Downriver Dead Men Go

Downriver Dead Men Go (DDMG) 1s a post prog band from Leiden, the Netherlands, and started in 2010 as a spin-off of the alternative rock band Caitlin. Mid 2010’s the debut album Tides was released. the critically acclaimed album has a mesmerising, atmospheric, melancholic sound. early 2016 DDMG signs a record deal with Freia Music for the worldwide distribution and promotion of tides. DDMG has toured the Netherlands to promote their album. a live performance of DDMG wraps you in a warm blanket of melancholia.

The current line-up of DDMG 1s: Gerrit Koekebakker (vocals/guitars), M1chel Varkevisser (guitars/backing vocals), Menno Kolk (bass guitar), Marcel Heijnen (drums) en Remco den Hollander {keys). in march 2018 DDMG released their second album titled ‘Departures’. The album covers the theme of ‘loss’ and comprises a dynamic set of songs, ranging from post-rock to touches of prog and dark wave. Throughout the album, the DDMG signature that was so characteristic on the first album, can be heard. ambient, melancholic songs with some additional ingredients added by guest musicians. once again the album was released under Freia Music.



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