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The Aurora Project


This year is the 10th anniversary of The Aurora Project . A band which started in 1999 by jamming out together after playing card-game “Magic The Gathering”, and which of today still writes their songs exactly like 10 years ago: by having hours of jam sessions.

Unspoken words..
The band’s debut was released worldwide in 2006 by Dutch record company ‘DVS Records’. It is a conceptalbum dealing with the statement “I feel, so I exist”. Beyond the band’s performance, the album featured a story-teller, several guest-performances and a choir. The album soon got raving reviews from press all around the world, hailing the band as a “promising new surprise”. However the band was compared to the likes of Pink Floyd, Rush, Riverside and Porcupine Tree, the press found it hard to position TAP’s music and recommended the band for its ‘unique sound’.

On the road…
After releasing the album, they got on tour to promote the album. The band got invited twice (2005 and 2008) for the prestigious Progpower Festival (NE) and played Symforce (NE) and Deichbrand Festival (GER). They continued by doing a club tour in Holland and Belgium with Riverside and Van Den Plas, and the band scored support-slots for Pain of Salvation, RPWL and Treshold. In 2007 a dream came true for the band when they played a sold-out Paradiso Amsterdam, for 1500 people.

The new album “Shadow Border”
In 2008 the band went into the studio to record their second album ‘Shadow Border’. The record holds seven tracks, including the 17-minute epic title track.
Drummer Joris Bol on the album: “Shadow Border is meant as a no-nonsense progressive rock album. No storytellers or choirs this time. In stead some firm guitar playing, solid rhythm section and breathtaking vocals! The classic progrock songs on this album stay true to the jams they originated from which gives this album really great transparency and a natural feel!”

Joost van den Broek, famous for his work for Ayreon and After Forever, signed for the recording and mixing credits.
Guitarist Remco van den Berg explains: “Joost van den Broek is an absolute bull’s-eye! He’s a very nice guy and a real metalhead. You will definately hear this back in the mix. We cannot wait for the moment it will blow out of the speakers”.

The album is recorded in the famous Dutch Excess studio (Epica, Gorefest) and the album is mastered by the legendary Bob Katz who received several Grammy’s for his work in the past. The album will be released worldwide 5th May 2009 by the US label ‘The Laser’s Edge’, who successfully launched acts like Riverside, Zero Hour and Knight Area in the past. The band will go on a club and festival-tour in 2009-2010 to promote the album…


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